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100 Grand From Jazz Joy and Roy

Episode: Be Really Really Cool Please Even When Politics Piss You Off
Summary: Be Really, Really Cool, Please, Even When Politics Piss You Off!  Trouble getting your free episodes? Sorry about that! If you’re in the United States, go to Jazz
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In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond

Episode: More Chick
Summary: Can’t get enough Chick Corea. We have been playing a lot of Chick on recent podcast, and I just realized his 75th birthday had just passed. We start with three very different tunes from Corea followed by new music from a young Christian Sands and the
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Episode: MP3 #386 Kai Engel - Run
Summary: https://kaiengel.bandcamp.com :: Bandcamp de Ka
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podcast – Beyondjazz

Episode: #475 – Out Of Sight
Summary: New episode time! Still cruising through the musical landscape, hopping from genre to genre and crossing borders. Jump in! Dark Sky – Kilter – Monkeytown Atjazz feat. Dawne B – Parallels (Jazzanova Serial Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv Kink – Chorus
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Cloud Jazz - Smooth Jazz

Episode: Cloud Jazz Nº 1153 (Penelope Sai)
Summary: Presentamos el disco que acaba de publicar la cantante australiana Penelope Sai, dedicado a versiones de temas de las banda sonoras de James Bond. Otras novedades llevan la firma de Moncho Ríos, Eldissa, Herman Jackson, Matt Bianco y Mario Biondi. En los
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The Jackass-Penguin Show's Jazzy Selection

Episode: Episode 00h01: Timo and the Timezone
Summary: The podcast is back for one jet-lag-curing episode featuring 3 brand new tracks by Timo and the Timezone: 1. Sunflower 2. Two Whales and
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The M-Squared Mix Collection

Episode: M-Squared Mix Collection #23: LIVE FROM BOMICON 2016
Summary: FOR BOOKINGS: booking@djmsquared.com CONNECT WITH M-SQUARED: Web: http://djmsquared.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/djmsquared Facebook: h
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www.jazzguitarlegend.com | jazz guitar lessons

Episode: [EP 5] Autumn Leaves
Summary: In this podcast Dixon looks at the popular jazz guitar tune Autumn Leaves. As one of the more well known jazz guitar standards, Autumn Leaves is a "must learn" for any jazz musician. For free online lessons http://jazzguitarlegend.com/category/free-lesso
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Music of Loving It!

Episode: The Finest
Summary: Freddie Jackson - Sing A Song Of Love Lillo Thomas - Good Girl Millie Scott - Automatic Billy Ocean - Dancefloor Lillo Thomas - L
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Jazz from Gallery 41 - Interviews with Jazz Legends

Episode: Jazz from Gallery 41 Interview with a Jazz Legend - Wayne Horvitz (#18 20150418)
Summary: Wayne Horvitz was born in New York City in 1955, and now lives in Seattle, WA with his wife , composer and vocalist Robin Holcolmb and their two children. A marvelous composer and musician, his instruments are a variety of keyboards and electronics, and h
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Episode: c@ in the h@ – swingamajig mix pt.3 (ES176)
Summary: C@ in the H@ – Swingamajig Mix Pt.3 (ES176), Birmingham – UK electro swing, electro swing, gypsy jazz. C@ in the H@ (pronounced: Cat in the Hat) creates a fusion of early twentieth century swing and jazz, and chunky twenty-first century beats
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The Home Spun Show

Episode: Episode 101- The Home Spun Sessions: The Remedy
Summary: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheHomeSpunShow/~5/bTvKayLYE_o/HomeSpunShow-Episode101.mp3
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The jazz genre of music came about through the African American communities in the South of the US at the very beginning of the twentieth century. Jazz is a convergence of European and African musical tradition. From its beginnings to the present jazz has integrated popular American music from both the nineteenth and twentieth century.

One of the famous quotes comes from Art Blakey, "No America, no jazz. I've seen people try to connect it to other countries, for instance to Africa, but it doesn't have a damn thing to do with Africa". The word jazz comes from a slang term from the West Coast. It was used for the first time back in 1915 in Chicago.

The roots of jazz are extremely widespread and there are many different forms of jazz at these days. It adapts into its assorted environments and has many and idiosyncratic styles. Browse through the top podcasts, sort through all of them or do a custom search if you know exactly what you're looking for.

You can listen to new favorites and old favorites with access to the entire shows history. Once you've found a show that you really like you can go back to all of the old episodes and take a look at what made your show what it was back from its very humble beginnings. Look through all of the options and you can search for what you're looking for. When it comes to finding a jazz podcast there is definitely something here for you.


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